Press Clipping
The Breizh Amerika Collective – World Music Wednesday

Featuring Thomas Moisson, Lors Landat, Julien Le Mentec, and Alex Asher

The Breizh Amerika Collective initiative brings together innovative musicians from Brittany, France and the United States of America to collaboratively work to create and produce original music, bring awareness to endangered traditions, while developing durable Transatlantic links of cooperation and understanding. Breizh–Amerika in Breton language means Brittany-America (UNESCO lists Breton language as severely endangered).

Thomas Moisson is indisputably one of the most talented accordionists of his generation. His encounter with the distinctive voice and legendary charisma of Lors Landat has given rise to a unique duo on the avant garde of Breton music. Having given over 300 concerts in the last seven years both in France and abroad, the pair have without a doubt become one of the most accomplished duos in contemporary Breton music.

They have just released a new album of live duo and quintet performances, with Julien Le Mentec on the double bass, and for their US tour they will be accompanied on the trombone by Alex Asher, a major player on the New York jazz scene.